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June 28, 2006


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June 19, 2006

intermission of rainy season


I've updated my website of country life (Japanese).
Pls, visit!

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June 11, 2006

dvd recorder

I got a DVD Recorder.
It was first time for me to use this kind of DVD recorder. I found it very convenient and useful. I can record a great amount of TV programs on DVD. And it's also very easy to edit programs. Once you can store the data on internal hard disk and then move it to DVDs except any annoying commercials. One thing that I perticulary appreciate is that I don't need to be worried about bulky videocassettes anymore. They'd been occupying my small room for more than a decade. Finally I was released from them.

For your info, the TV monitor you can find above in the pic was manifactured in 1988. It's almost 20 years old ! My grandmather bought it and I took over after that.

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June 10, 2006

channel deduction


NHK is a Japanese state-run broadcasting which has more than 50 years of history. Japanese nationals are required to pay its viewing fee. Recently it has been criticized by public for its frequent irregularities. NHK is now experiencing financial difficulties due to a great number of payment refusals. For this reason, a national committee proposed the deduction of its channels. So far, NHK has 8 channels, including terrestrial, BS and radios. According to the news, NHK plans to deduct three of them, two BS and a FM broardcastings.

I was so embarrassed by hearing this news, because I always use these three channels. A great number of excellent documentary programs abroad are offered via BS1. It's good opportunity for me to learn English by watching these programs. I can also listen to various music via NHK FM. The sound quality is excellent.

Of course I think NHK should try to solve financial problems, but hopefully, they will do it without those deductions.

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June 07, 2006

peal of thunder


Like other dogs, Noah is really afraid of thunders. Whenever she hear the peal of thunders, she makes a racket. Today, we had a poundering thunder in the daytime and it lasted long. I was very worried at the office. having imagined how she was scared

After coming home, I heard from my mother that Noah made a racket while on my absence and broke the paper panel.. She made totally mess of my room.

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June 04, 2006







Roses in the yard started blooming. The scent of them wafts into the room. I think it's a good photogenic subject.

To be honest, I had been disatisfied with the photos I took before because their resolution was very low. They were very grainy, I was often disappointed by their rough-grained finish.
Having read this article, I found it's possible to solve this problem very easily. You can make graininess fine, by overexposing them and adjust their brightness with the paint software.

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