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April 24, 2007





I've updated my website of country life (Japanese).
Pls, visit!

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April 23, 2007

touch and go

Out of the blue, I was fired by the company. They said I didn't have to come to the office from May. I was really shocked.

As I wrote before, I was a temporary worker there and in Japan, companies are required to hire people as full time workers if they want to keep employees for more than three years. It's been two and a half year since I started working there. I guess they didn't want me to be a full time worker and then fired me. Other five temporary workers in my devision were also fired for the same reason at the same time,

Now, I had to find another job. I thought it was definetely hard for me to apply for a new job at my age. To me it was more like impossible.

One week later however, a company to which I send an application letter gave me a chance and arranged an interview for me. I felt a little nervous but there are no other options. I tried the interview anyway.

Fortunately, the atmosphere was relaxing and friendly. They explained to me what I should do at work and it was almost the same as that in the previous job, I managed to get through the interview without embarrassing. I had no confidence at that time, though.

The next day, the phone rang. They told me that they were hiring me.

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