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August 25, 2007

resumption of English learning

My ability to write in English has been ruined recently since I' ve been apart from English for this three months. In the beginning of this May, I changed my job and had had few chances to use English on business since then. Above all, I had been too busy to learn English until I quit that job When I took the job interview, they said I would have abundant opportunities to use English and be able to improve my English, but it was not true. The only thing I had to do in that company was to negotiate the prices and the delivery schedules of the parts for our products with domestic vendors in Japanese on the phone over and over.

I quit that job anyway. I have enough time to learn English. I'll try to keep this diary as much as possible until I get a new job.

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August 20, 2007

new life in Nagano

A great number of spams make me feel embarrassed.
I always delete inappropriate postings on this blog as soon as I find them. But they submit those kind of spams one after another. I wonder how to deal with that.

By the way, I finally moved here, Nagano.
For recent three months, I had worked like there's no tomorrow. I had to do overtime work for more than 5 hours a day every day, and also had to work even on Saturday or Sunday. I was totally exhausted and determined to quit the job. It was about two weeks ago.

Then, I moved out of a room in Shizuoka and rent an old house in Nagano. The house is located nearmy hut.I'm going to find some job around here.I hope I will make it. Anyway, it happens.18

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