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September 22, 2007

quite in a polite way to get acqueinted

Seems that I passed the job interview I did yesterday morning. I'm relieved to hear that..
It was the briefest interview I've ever had that concluded only in 10 minutes. The interview was holded at entry hall, there was only one interviewer. I even hadn't been asked about my previous career. I was so embarrassed that I mentioned about it myself. At the end of the interview, the interviewer said "maybe we will hire you, but I cannot guarantee that right now because we must go though thえ formal process. Although I'm in charge of this matter, I have to consult the general affairs division." The interview was finished. Three hours later, I got a phoncall telling I passed the interview.

The problem is what I should do with my country house. The new office is in the city. It will talke about 3 hours to get to my house in Nagano. Of course the comuting from that house is impossible.

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September 17, 2007

job hunting


It's been one month since I quit the previous job and started looking for another one. I still haven't found one. I had four job interviews during this period and faild all of them. I wonder if there was someting wrong with me. I spent all the day today for nothing since today was a national holiday in Japan. Anyway, I'll stay in.

Considering the situation, I tought it might be difficult to get some job around here because this place is in the montains. There were very few jobs, using English. Maybe I should venture up to the cities, distant from here. That means I must abondon this old house even though I like it very much.

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September 13, 2007

reversal film


In many cases I use negative films for taking picures since they are convenient. The film is affordable, it takes only 30 munites to be developed, it accepts a rough exposure timing. It's easy to handle.

Meanwhile, reversal films, another kind of films, are hard to handle. The film is expensive, they require very sevire setting of exposure and you can make it developed at very few photo shops. I have to go to a photo shop located in distant city to make it done.

However, profesional cameramen mostly use reversal films.Their beautiful color gradation cannot be replaced.

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September 10, 2007

to purgatory




I've updated my website of country life (Japanese).
Pls, visit!

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September 07, 2007

How can we use "wo" in Japanese

Even though I determined to resume my English lerning, a great amount of comment SPAM makes me feel unmotivated. Do you know how to get rid of this kind of spam?

Recently, I'm using a website for my English learning. This is a chatroom where you can meet anybody in the world who are learning forign languges. If you would like to talk with native speakers of English you can find them. You have to teach Japanese in exchange, though.
This morning I talked with a 16 year old boy from US and was asked how we use the word "wo" in Japanese in the sentenses. I answered "It's similar to preposition in English. It connects objects and verbs, like "of" or "to"."

Of couse I was not sure if my answer was correct. Maybe I tought it in a wrong way^^

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