June 10, 2005


I succeeded in reducing a great amount of spam, by introducing an anti-spam program. This program is provided by the internet provider for free and the only thing you have to do is to use the designated mailer. Before useing that, I always received a hundred of such spams a day. But now, they are very few. I thought I should have introduced this program much earlier.

I added the website of "カメラ日和 (camera biyori)" to my personal bookmarks below. カメラ日和 is one of my most favorite magazines, on which various ways of good living with camera are shown. Although there are few film cameras remaining in stores, there still be a lot of ways to enjoy them. BTW, I like the camera strap of dark brown that the woman in the cover photo dangles a camera around her neck with. It's so cool! I found the similar one in here. It costs about a half as my camera, though.

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April 26, 2005


19I've started learning about TRADOS. TRADOS is an application software that aids translators and very useful for translating foreign languages. However, it's not a translation program, but a kind of database which records all the precedent translations. When you translate some texts written in foreign language, you can automatically refer to the similar translations made in the past by using this.

As a matter of fact, TRADOS is a very expensive software. It costs more than one thousand dollars and its copyright is tightly protected. So, it's impossible for us to get the secondhand. Of course, I can't afford such an expensive stuff that I downloaded the trial version of it.

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December 12, 2004


I think what I should do now is "Disconnection". I mean I've been connecting to the internet almost all day everyday. I thought that's bad for my mental health.So I decided to limit the net-use to 4 hours a day including study hours. And I'm trying to listen to music ,read novels or something as much as possible.

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