March 02, 2006

coffee break


Today, I was disappointed by the fact that the coffee made by a vending machine was far more delicious than the one I made. Every morning, I make a pot of coffee and bring it to office. I drink it in the lunch break. Actually, it tastes terrible due to the oxydation. There's nothing better than a cup of fresh coffee.

I had no options but using the vending machine because I had had no time to make a coffee this morning. The vending machine was wonderful. The moment you insert a coin and push the botton, it starts grinding beans and then make a plastic cup of coffee. It smelled and tasted so good.

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June 29, 2005

plum juice

At this time of the year, my famliy preserve plums(梅) in sugar and make juice from it. It's kinda summer feature in my family. Yesterday, I drank a glass of it for the first time this year. Yummy!


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May 20, 2005

as you like

Put a raw egg, dried shrimps, shredded cabbage, natto, a soup cube and flour in a bowl and mix them around.
Brown it lightly over on the pan with some slices of bacon.
Put some Worcester sauce and mayonnaise on it. Looks yummy!

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February 22, 2005

homemade miso

miso1My family uses homemade Miso for cooking. We make Miso once or twice a year, and today is the day on which we make Miso. Miso is a thick paste made by fermenting soybeans with salt, eaten commonly as Miso Soup and sometimes as a seasoning. Decades ago, Miso used to be made at each home, but now, most of the people buy it at the supermarket.

miso2How can we make Miso? First of all, boil the soybeans in plenty of water. and mash them up after being cooked sufficiently. Then, mix the mashed beans with rice malt and salt. Lastly, keep it at the dark cold place until it gets fermenting enough, for about 6 months.

There's nothing better than boiled rice and miso soup in the morning.

Today's reading
Soseki Natsume "Ten Nights of Dream " 20 pages

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