July 02, 2006

Noah in young days


I took this pic about seven years ago. At that time, Noah was 4 years old. She Turns 11 this summer. Can you see the difference? I think see looks younger than actually she is.

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June 28, 2006


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June 07, 2006

peal of thunder


Like other dogs, Noah is really afraid of thunders. Whenever she hear the peal of thunders, she makes a racket. Today, we had a poundering thunder in the daytime and it lasted long. I was very worried at the office. having imagined how she was scared

After coming home, I heard from my mother that Noah made a racket while on my absence and broke the paper panel.. She made totally mess of my room.

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December 27, 2005

home alone


This morning, I had to leave my dog home alone, since the other family members have gone for a trip to Okinawa and I also had to go to work. I felt very sorry for her, but it couldn't be helped. She had been alone until the evening.

The moment I came back home from work and opened the door, she jumped out of it with unsatisfied look. After that she rampered around, venting her frustlation. Finally, she got calm and is now sleeping beside me Actually, she's got two more days to be in the house alone .

By the way, I watched a TV program about a polar bear baby yesterday. It was the only polar bear which had been grown up by a human, since to raise polar bear baby is almost impossible because it has no resistance to virus. There is almost no virus in arctic weather.

The little bear in white wool was as cute as a stuffed animal. On top of that, it was moving. However, this story had a sad ending. The bear was separated from the keeper who had raised her, because her weight became 300kg in the end. There was a possibility of hurting the keeper even if she had no intention. She was left in the cage alone.

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December 02, 2005

sad story

About a week ago, I saw a TV program about a dog. The dog appeared in it was a Labrador retriever. As you know well, there are two colors of Labs, one is black and yellow is another. This one was black.

This dog was much-loved by her family of owner, especially the father cherished the dog among others. Every day, he took her a walk for more than 2 hours after coming back home. You believe it? it's two hours.

However, all of a sudden the father caught a serious illness and after a while he passed away at the age of late 50s.

The moment he died, the dog started changing her color. Her hair turned white in a moment. She became completely white in a year. The veterinarian said he had never met such cases before that.

It's been 3 years since father's death and a few, black hair began to glow again. The doughter said she want to see the dog in black again.

I heard such a sad story.

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September 24, 2005



There was an interesting experiment on TV the other day. It was a test to see if the dogs save their owners' life when the owners were in a pinch. The experiment was proceeded like this. The owners were asked to take their dogs for a walk as usual and fall down with a thud on the way because of pretended illness. Then see if the dogs call someone help.

Eventually, no dog out of 100 saved the owners. Most of them ran away, leaving the owners alone and the rest were hovering around being worried about their owners. That was what I had thought. Dogs are dogs. They are living in their own world. That's the point of interesting in keeping a pet.

However, the owners who had appeared in that experiment were all so disappointed in the same way, having been abandoned by their pets. They seemed to have expected that the dogs would have saved them. FYI, the authority commented that unless being trained, the dogs won't call someone for help.

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August 21, 2005

rowdy night


It's been raining on and off. Sometimes, rolling thunder frightens my dog and makes her feel nervous. Last night, there was a summer festival held near here and a great many fireworks were displayed. Their bang frightened the dog so much that she created a ruckus and made completely mess of our room. News papers were ripped into pieces, the floor was digged with her claws.

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July 29, 2005

Is his soul saved?

My pet turtle that I'd been taking care of for 5 years has died. It was my morning routine to see if he was alright, so I miss him. One thing very odd of this turtle is that despite being freshwater turtle, he was found at seacoast 5 years ago. I was walking my dog at beach and found him on the sand at that time.

In Japan, there is a folktale in which a fisherman saves a turtle's life from bullies at beach and is invited to the underwater palace in appreciation for his good behaviour. However finally, the hostess of the palace makes the fisherman gets old, suddenly by using magic. That absurdity is the feature of this tale.

I wondered if I was taken to the palace or was made to get old in return I saved him. I don't know. But actually, it was trivial. What crowded my mind was the fact that I'm going to have a far more serious pet loss within five years or something. Seeing the dead turtle, I thought like that.

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June 24, 2005

coolest place in house


This is the coolest place in my house. She knows it well.

I went out at 6 this morning, leaving her home alone. So she's a little snotty today.

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June 22, 2005



Margarine is Noah's (my dog) cup of tea, so I always kept it away from her. But this morning, I thoughtlessly left it on the table and went back to my room. Having returned to the dinning room, I found an empty margarine tub polished off as a mirror and thrown away. Who is resposible for this act?

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