January 03, 2008

started practicing the guiter


I bought an electric guiter.
Many of the readers would be surprised to hear that because I was not the type who play the electric guiter. I was always talking about classical music and also liked playing the piano. You may wonder why out of the blue I started the guiter.
To be honest, there is no specific reason. I just wanted to change my humble life. As I wrote before, I started a new job three months ago and it's not so easy for me. But I've got to live my life anyway. I thought I should start something and then I purchased the guiter.
Compared with the piano, playing the guiter is easier I think.
I have got to go in.

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April 23, 2006

in perfect time


Yesterday, I received Jill Barber's first CD, "Oh Heart", which I had ordered from Canada a month ago. As soon as I took it I put it on the tray of CD player and listened to it. It was fantastic! I was absorbed in her pure, modest world. You can also hear her voice in here.

I'll quote its lyrics here. If there is any problem, pls let me know.

Jill Barber - In Perfect Time

Can’t rely on time
To change the way you feel
'Cause time it often loses track
Of who it’s got to heal
You can read my palm
And tell me that my future looks strong
And I will play along
Better that than to wait to prove you wrong

'Cause it’s another overcast day
Like it’s been for a week
And I would blame feeling down on the weather
If I had no other reason to be
People let you down
When you least expect them to
And hearts they move around so fast
And love it somehow gets renewed

And my state of mind is hiding in
The shadow you left behind
And this song is playing in my head
As you walk away in perfect time

And you and I are just saving hope
In pockets and of sleeves
For rainy days when you need it most
Rainy days like these

And my state of mind is hiding in
The shadow you left behind
And this song is playing in my head
As you walk away in perfect time

But you can’t rely on time
To change the way you feel
'Cause time it often loses track
Of who it’s got to heal

And my state of mind is hiding in
The shadow you left behind
And this song is playing in my head
As you walk away in perfect time

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February 14, 2006

jill barber


Yesterday, I ordered a CD from a Canadian CD store through the Net. The tittle of the CD is "OH! HEART" that is Jill Barber's first and only album.

Jill Barber is a Canadian singer songwriter from Newfoundland. In spite of her domestic popularity, she remains unknown to the people overseas. This is why her CD had been not available at stores for a long time. I'm glad to knowing that it started selling again.
It was not until I heard her song on the radio that I knew of her name. One day, I heard her pure, modest voice, coming from the radio and was attracted by her music.

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December 22, 2005

my brother

Yesterday, my younger brother came back home, stayed for a day and went back to his boarding house this morning. He's now working in a remote town.

For months, he had been thinking of quitting his job, since the job was very hard. The company forced the employees work overtime without salary. Sometimes my brother had to work overtime for more than 5 hours. Of course it was illegal. Some of his colleagues tipped abput it to the labor standards office and the situation was improved. It seems that he decided to keep his job.

Meantime, I have no ovrtime work. I come back home at around five every day. On top of that, I'm thinking of becoming a freelance worker. He was a little disgusted but a little jealous of me.

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June 27, 2005

bibou no aozora

I tend to choose easy song to play on my piano. But it's O.K. since it's not that I play the piano in order to make someone listen to it.

Finally, I did change my job to the one related to English. I need to try hard.

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June 26, 2005

to love music

B00In my opinion, there are two kinds of people who love music. First, the group of people who enjoy music as a favorite pastime. For them, music has no profound meaning in their life. It's just an amusement. The people who use music as a fashion they dress up with are also included in this group. Basically, they can live life without music.

For another kind of people, music is indispensable. It is a key to probe the mystery of the universe. That's the model of this world. Only music can display time and space simultaneously. Time is the melody and Space is harmony. so to speak. You might think movie is the same. But, movies are always tied with the actual matters. which narrows the possibility of the abstract speculations.

Once, I wrote here that Chopin's music is not feminine, charming nor sweet. However, I saw a TV commercial, in which a half-naked woman was standing by a new TV-set, and Chopin's nocturn was used as merely a BGM there. Such ways of thinking are totally disgusting.

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June 03, 2005



Recently, I sometimes find myself visiting this website and listening to its BGM. This site is merely an ad for a MP3 player. Although I was not concerned about the player itself, that BGM sound attracted me much. It's a very simple music featuring few instruments, a guitar, a zither and a set of percussions. That's all. The melody is also simple, the same phrase repeats endlessly. The continuation of the passing chord. It'll never go to the other key. But once you do something on the web, it starts improvisations, adding other instruments. According to the site, this music was made by a male duo named "SIGH & HIGH" and they seem to be up-and-coming stars in the field of House.

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June 01, 2005


EOS630 EF35-70mm

I'll go back, I know now that I'll go back, that my place is there, and there it will always be, there where I can hear the Song of the Sabia.
I'll go back, I know now that I'll go back, I will lie in the shadow of a palm that's no longer there, and pick a flower that doesn't grow.
And maybe someone's love will speak the night.
The lonely unwanted light that may bring me through the new day.

(Sabia - Lyrics by A.C.Jobim)

Antonio Carlos Jobim's standard song "Sabia" is something magical for me. Although it's seemingly humble, somehow I'm attracted to that song. It doesn't mean Sabia is famous nor popular, compared with the other songs composed by Jobim like "A girl from Ipanema". There is no dramatic key change in it. But, it cheats us, so to speak. Do you understand what I mean? A music cheats us. In most cases, if we hear dissonance in musics, it's the sign of a key change coming after that. But In the case of this song, it doesn't modulate to other keys, but returns to the original. This harmonic progression makes us feel somehow cheated. Although it can modulate, it doesn't. This harmonics brings us a strange but deep, sublime feeling.

I recommend you listening to this "Sabia" played by Ryuichi Sakamoto. You can try the sample in here.

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February 13, 2005


d15Looking from the viewpoint of pianists, there are two kinds of music exist in this world.

One of them is the music that has the melodic progression, for example Bach. The transition of notes is the most important on it. The treble part (mainly played with the right hand) and the bass part (mainly played with the left hand) are totally independent from each other. Both hands come closer and go away alternately. I'm very thrilled as if I rode on a roller coaster when I play that music.

Another one is the music that has the harmonic progression, for example Debussy or Chopin. The transition of harmony is the most important. I use all of my fingers in order to press the multiple keyboards. I feel like I'm carving some sculpture when I play that kind of music.

Today's reading
Henry Miller "Toropic of Cancer" 38 pages
Glenn Gould "Selected letters" 5 pages

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February 03, 2005

Children's corner

d42In the morning. Everything in this world was under a cloak of snow. I turned on the radio.

Suddenly, a piano music that I heard somewhere before was coming from it. Debussy's Piano suite "Children's Corner". It was one of my favorites in childhood. "...what a coincidence!!" I murmured.

d43Debussy composed some peices for this suite, being inspired by snow. I listened to the music, watching the dog, running around.

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