September 13, 2007

reversal film


In many cases I use negative films for taking picures since they are convenient. The film is affordable, it takes only 30 munites to be developed, it accepts a rough exposure timing. It's easy to handle.

Meanwhile, reversal films, another kind of films, are hard to handle. The film is expensive, they require very sevire setting of exposure and you can make it developed at very few photo shops. I have to go to a photo shop located in distant city to make it done.

However, profesional cameramen mostly use reversal films.Their beautiful color gradation cannot be replaced.

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September 11, 2006

first shot with new lens






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September 02, 2006


I got up early this morning and had nothing special to do. So I went out to Downtown with my camera on hand. I thought I could take photos of beautiful showwindows or signs of local shops, walking around there. Another thing I noticed is I could try the 35mm wide-angle lens I'd got 3 days ago. Consequently, I could enjoy taking pictures. It was really fan for me. I remembered that I used to do the same thing in Kyoto about fifteen years ago. I was a Univesity student there. There were a number of small shops that had beautiful showwindows and signboads. Though, I haven't finished the film yet, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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July 14, 2006



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May 07, 2006


For the trip this time, I chose reversal films to take pictures and it takes time to be developped. Below pictures are not the ones I took during this trip. They were taken with the normal negative film and I took them around my house. They were finished prior to the reversal films.






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March 19, 2006


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March 05, 2006





While on my routine Net-surfining, I happened to come across the official weblog of the camera-film giant, Fujifilm and found that they were seeking for participants in the monitoring research for a new camera. Participants are to be chosen by lottery and the way we apply for the lottery is very unique. All we have to do are posting an article like below and making a trackback to the weblog. That's it. Very easy, right? And this is why I 'm writing this article.

Q1)What is the appeal of Photos for you?
A1)To cut out a moment

Q2) What is the appeal of Cameras for you?
A2)Cool and crisp touch.

Q3)What is the appeal of Films for you?
A3)My third amphiblestrode.

Q4)Which camera and film are you using?
A4)PENTAX ME super Fuji TIARA etc. Positive.

Q5) What kind of pictures do you want to take with NATURA CLASSIC?
A5)Bring out every day and take whatever I happen to see.

Q6)Tell about yourself.
A6)An English learner who loves cameras and a dog.

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March 03, 2006



Having got below, three sets of lenses, I completed my collection.

1) TEFNON 28mm F2.8
2) PENTAX M50mm F2

To me, those lenses are sufficient and satisfacory. I like the sharp image of TEFNON, the beautiful blurring of PENTAX and the quiet tones of APO-LANTHAR. Is there anything else I should get?

However, I've got one more lens that I'm interested in. The lens is called "Carl Zeiss JENA", You might have heard the name, "Carl Zeiss". It's one of the most famous brand of lens in Germany. Although, this "Carl Zeiss JENA"is different. It is the stranded part of "Carl Zeiss" in East Germany when the WW2 ended and the two went separate way after that. Recently, JENA started an underground boom among camera maniacs. They say it has an excellent delineation.

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February 24, 2006


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February 23, 2006


Sorry ! I'm so occupied with the translation work. I hope I will be able to finish it by Saturday and go to my mountain hut. Thanks!

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