June 16, 2005

inside darling's mind

darlingI read a book tittled "ダーリンの頭ン中 (Inside Darling's Mind) ". It is an essay about the differences in culture and language between Japan and the US, written by a Japanese woman who has an American husband. One thing that makes this book more interesting is that this husband has lived in Japan for more than 20 years and can speak Japanese fluently. Moreover, he is a language maniac and familiar with various languages in the world. So he can clearly explain the differences. Reading this book, you would understand how largely our behavior is dominated by our own languages, which is normally thought to be dominated by history, culture or religion. Saying like this only to please structuralists in the world. But things are not so simple. I'll write about that next.

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March 22, 2005

彼岸過迄 Higansugimade

equinoxToday, I got the book "To the Spring Equinox and beyond (English Edition of 彼岸過迄)" by Soseki Natsume, which I had ordered from Amazon.com a month before. The moment I received the book, I browsed it and found it not so difficult to read. It was translated into English recently and written in easy American English. But being easy itself has a little problem. Here is an example.

Keitaro's friend Sunaga was a soldier's son (軍人の子) who nevertheless detested the military

In this case, I think the word "military official" should have been used instead of "soldier" because in Japan, military officials(軍人) were highly established bureaucrats in those days, not merely soldiers. So there is a possibility of misunderstanding. The author implied that Sunaga was born into a rich family.

Anyway, It's no exaggeration to say that I've read the original more than 100 times.. I'm looking forward to taking my time to read the English edtion.

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