August 25, 2007

resumption of English learning

My ability to write in English has been ruined recently since I' ve been apart from English for this three months. In the beginning of this May, I changed my job and had had few chances to use English on business since then. Above all, I had been too busy to learn English until I quit that job When I took the job interview, they said I would have abundant opportunities to use English and be able to improve my English, but it was not true. The only thing I had to do in that company was to negotiate the prices and the delivery schedules of the parts for our products with domestic vendors in Japanese on the phone over and over.

I quit that job anyway. I have enough time to learn English. I'll try to keep this diary as much as possible until I get a new job.

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August 07, 2006

CNN English Express

I started subscribing a magazine for English learners, called "CNN English Express". I found it very useful. Few weeks ago, I talked with a young, Japanese guy at a virtual chat room for English learners. I felt emvious with him since his English was very fluent. So I asked him how he improved his English-language ability that much. Then he recommended me this magazine. The point of the magazine is only one thing: To acquire the ability to understand what they say in CNN broadcasting. Especially, I thought the vocabulary attached as a separate-volume is useful and sufficient. It is a little bit expensive, though.

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May 26, 2006



Yesterday I had a guest from Malaysia at my office. He was a head of our factory in Malaysia. We greeted each other and talked in English for several minutes. He was very young, maybe younger than I. Usually, I comunicate with the staff of Malaysian factory, mostly with using e-mails. So it was a great experience for me to talk directly with one of them. Thanks to my daily English lesson, I could say what I thought. I'm glad to having such an opportunity.

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May 06, 2006

a guy from Morocco


As you can see in below article, I had been in a long slump in learning English. I could see very littile improvement in speaking English and felt down hearing the fluent English spoken by the other student.

Having talked with a young guy from morocco today, I thought it couldn't be helped. There's no royal road to learning. Maybe I should do it little by little. He can speak fluent English, and tried to catch what I said in my poor English. We talked about a lot of things. He lives in Marrachesh, an ancient city of Arabic and he let us know of Marrakesh , tradition, fashion, food, etc...

I wished I could have spoken more fluently, but I also thought it was enough, since I could understand what he said and so did he.

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April 29, 2006



Every day, I visit the chat room of vertual English school and have a chat with other students for one or two hours, because I believe it is the only way to brush up my speaking skill. But, recently I started having a doubt. No matter how long I try to talk at the chat room, my speaking is still poor. And the other student can speak far better than me.

Hearing is one thing, and Speaking is another. They say we human use the different part of the brain separately when we speark and hear. That's why you should get thought the specific trainning for speaking

Sometime I find myself speaking very poor English and feel down. Maybe it's time to seek for another way.

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April 22, 2006

online chatting


Recently, I'm into online chatting. I visit chat room almost every day and enjoy having chats with people from various contries. That's why I'm skipping this diary these days. Of course, the only language you can take to communicate with others is English. It is hard for me to keep on talking in English. But it is also a great fan for me.

This morning, I enjoyed the conversation with the students who are from France, Mexico, Chile, Sweden, etc... And I also met an old Japanese guy whose age is 86 years old, do you believe it? He said his hobby was traveling around the world, but he couldn't communicate well with the people there. So that's why he determined to learn English. He is very active, isn't he?

He was also good at using computers. He tought me how to use Skype. From this time forward, I'm going to use Skype for learning English as well.

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April 13, 2006


In this few weeks, I'd indulged myself and been skipping this diary. While on that time, I went to the Online English school almost everyday. I think it's a good practice for improving my English. I usually take one hour lesson. And then I move to the chat room for students. I talk with other students who are from China, South korea and so on. It's really fun for me to talk with the people from various countries. One thing that I don't appreciate is that some Japanese guys are always occupying the chat room without attending lessons and keep on talking without hearing the others. I saw some chinese or Korean girls moving to other chat room in order to evacuate from those Japanese guys. I wonder why the Japanese men who can speak English always show off their ability. What a shame.

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February 27, 2006

brand-name watch


I finally finished the translation work in exchange for the suspention of my trip to Nagano. I had been occupied with this work for two weeks. As you know I also have another job in daytime. I'm really exhausted.

The text I had to translate this time was really tough. Although it was the third time for me to be offered this kind of work, substantially this was the first one. I'm not sure if it's well done. I guess there is even a possiblity to get fired in case it's poor. But I finished it anyway. There's nothing I can do for now.

Meantime, I might be able to say that the work this time suited me perfectly, because it was about brand-name watches. I know much about watches, since I was a salesclerk at watch shop years ago.

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February 11, 2006



I've got one more translation work. The work this time was also offered by the same agency. I hope it would become regular opportunities. It would be nice if I could win one or two more contract from other agencies. Actually, I feiled the latest Trial I had mentioned before. The examiner wrote "You should keep trying" so I think there still be a possibility.

Anyway, I have to clear the work at hand now. In my opinion, there is no royal road to translation. To avoid wrong translation. To make it natural Japanese. To choose adequate words That's it. And it is the most difficult thing.

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December 04, 2005

online lesson

I started taking an online English lesson on Friday. I thought it was really useful.
You can take 45 minutes of lessons for 30 times a month. The teachers are all from the world and you can take class whenever you want. On top of that, you can also use the free web chat in which you can talk with other students in the world.

I had been thinking if it's really possible to acquire communication abilities in English without going abroad for a long time. Having taken the class in the internet, I thought it might be possible.

The most inportant thing for learning another language is to create the environment in which you must use the language. By using that online lesson, you can realize it. Actually, this was provided by the advance of technology of internet. I never imagined that such a day would come.

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